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At Brighton Holistics Online we have been educating students in complementary therapy and sports massage therapy for over a decade. Our wealth of knowledge is based on many years of experience in the industry and we like nothing more than creating in-depth, relevant and comprehensive courses for our students.

The Brighton Holistics Online Blog aims to share some of the experience we have gained with our current, past and future students. In this part of our website, we will be sharing information with you across a wide range of subjects, from introductions to specific subjects and courses, to tips on how to run your complementary therapy business, after you qualify.

We hope that you find our posts both insightful and valuable, no matter where you are on your journey as a holistic or beauty therapist.

Insurance - Blog Post Brighton Holistics Online

Therapy insurance – Blog Post

Therapy insurance – There is always great conversation about whether therapist need to be insured to practice. The simple answer is that is that insurance

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An introduction to feet - Brighton Holistics Online

An introduction to feet

An introduction to feet – The human foot is a complex structure, where the ankle serves as a foundation, shock absorber and propulsion. The foot

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An Introduction To Reflexology Brighton Holistics Online

An Introduction To Reflexology

An Introduction To Reflexology Reflexology is a very relaxing, highly effective complementary therapy that works on the legs, hands, face and ears. There are thousands

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