Est. In 2022.

The Brighton Holistics Online Learner Charter - Environmental Policy

1. Introduction

Brighton Holistics Online recognises the importance and urgency of environmental issues, including climate change.

As a business that supports those affected by well-being & complementary health, Brighton Holistics Online is also uniquely placed to recognise that mental health and the planet’s well-being are intrinsically linked.

In addition to complying with environmental legislation, Brighton Holistics Online is committed to minimising its impact on the environment and strives to implement sustainable practices wherever possible.

2. Purpose

The Environmental Policy outlines how Brighton Holistics Online will improve its environmental performance, addressing both physical and socio-economic dimensions.

3. Responsibilities

The Principle is responsible for the implementation of the Environmental Policy. However, staff members also have a responsibility to comply with the objectives of the policy.

This policy aims to improve environmental performance in the following key area:

4. Objectives

  1. Education & Engagement: Provide environmental education and promote engagement with environmental initiatives

  2. Health & Wellbeing: Promote the health and wellbeing of staff and volunteers

  3. Energy & Emission: Reduce energy consumption and emission

  4. Water & Waste: Minimise water consumption and waste

  5. Transport & Travel: Reduce the need to travel and encourage greener modes of transport

  6. Biodiversity: Improve local biodiversity and minimise harm to the ecosystem

5. Policy Management & Availability

The success of the implementation of the policy will be regularly monitored, and will be reviewed annually.

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