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Pregnancy Massage & Its Therapeutic Benefits

Pregnancy Massage & Its Therapeutic Benefits Brighton Holistics Online

An Introduction To Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal massage is a wonderful Complementary Therapy that supports mums-to-be through one of the most special times. It aids as remedial work to help relieve any aches or pains as the body changes through pregnancy. This gentle treatment enhances the function of muscles and joints, improving circulation and general tone of the skeletal muscles. Moreover, it is a wonderful way to relieve mental and physical fatigue too and can be used regularly as a nurturing therapy to prepare for labour whilst promoting a relaxed pregnancy experience.

How The Treatment Works

This massage treatment is practiced a little differently. Instead of lying on their back, the client will lie on her side. She will be propped up with pillows, so that she is completely comfortable and can relax fully.

Using cushioning techniques throughout, the massage is slow and gentle, centred completely around relaxation and releasing tension. Depending on the therapist, special cushions may be used to make space for the baby bump – however, a high-quality Pregnancy Massage can still be performed without these cushions, whilst keeping the client just as comfortable.

What Conditions Can It Treat?

As a woman’s body changes, so comes the aches and pains whilst it is adjusting to support the pregnancy. Pregnancy Massage is a wonderful treatment to use during this time. Other conditions that pregnancy can exacerbate are: Heartburn, backache, SPD / PGP (soft tissue dysfunction and pelvic girdle pain), sciatica, migraines, headaches, stretch marks and circulatory problems.

Pregnancy Massage can aid in relieving all of these symptoms, offering the mum-to-be a more comfortable pregnancy experience. However, it is very important that this style of massage is performed by a qualified Pregnancy Massage Therapist.

Qualifying In Aromatherapy Massage With Brighton Holistics Online

Pregnancy Massage Therapy is in high demand, due to the specialist nature of the training required.

Our Pregnancy Massage training course, taught at Brighton Holistics Online , is comprehensive and practical. Pregnancy Massage can help to alleviate many of the symptoms and conditions associated with pregnancy. During this amazing time, of physical and emotional change, massage can be of enormous benefit to mother and baby.

Throughout this course, you will learn a safe and effective Pregnancy Massage routine and gain an understanding of how pregnancy affects the mother’s body physically, mentally and emotionally. This will allow you to work confidently when massaging pregnant women and offers a perfect opportunity to increase your client base without the need for expensive equipment. In addition, you will learn about common ailments associated with pregnancy like morning sickness and nausea, leg cramping, lower back pain, oedema of the feet, ankles and lower legs and breathing problems. You will be taught techniques which can be demonstrated to your clients for self-help.

For further information on this treatment please view this course information page please click here



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