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Diplomas and certificates @ Brighton Holistics Online

Diplomas and certificates @ Brighton Holistics Online

We are very often asked why our courses are diplomas and not certificates, the answer is simple. Diplomas and certificates are awarded by accredited schools and colleges, to students who complete a course of study. These documents certify that the learner has successfully completed the course, but they differ in a few aspects.

Certificates are issued by a school after attending a course. This course does not need to be accredited.

Diplomas however, provide more in-depth knowledge of the course you are studying and are a longer duration than certificates. This normally entails completing case studies or reflective practice or attending an assessment etc.

When it comes to course fees, diploma fees are usually a little higher than certificate fees. That is because the diploma course takes longer and contains more admin i.e. marking, assessments etc, than a certificate course.

When it comes to employability, diplomas are also more widely accepted than certificates. Sure, a certificate says you have some knowledge about a field, but diploma says you have an extensive knowledge about a field. Therefore, employers prefer diplomas to certificates.

However, the situation becomes confusing when some schools name their certification programs as diplomas, when in fact they are certificate courses not a diploma.  A diploma certificate is made up of two pages where a certificate is only a one-page document.  When faced with such a situation, it is important to make sure that your professional body and insurance company will recognise and accept the course you are doing.  

If you have been sold a Diploma course and in fact it is a certificated course, this is miss selling and against the law. Normally courses are only miss sold by training schools who don’t fully know how things work or by people giving misleading information. The consumer act and trading standards will be able to advise you further on this matter.

You may ask “Why don’t all schools offer diplomas?”, this is easy to answer, they don’t want to take on the additional responsibility or time constraints of marking and offering additional support to learners or the added administration which goes along with diploma courses.

We would always advise that learners take a diploma courses, but again, the decision is yours to make as long as it is acceptable for you and your requirements.

To view the Diploma course we have on offer here at Brighton Holistics Online please click Here.

All the Diplomiaas at Brighton Holaistics are fully accredited by FHT.



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