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Brighton Holistics Online Testimonials

Below are just a few of the kind words and comments that we at Brighton Holistics Online have received from clients and students. These comments have been cut and pasted directly from the course feedback forms.

As a reiki master/teacher this course has only added to my knowledge and will aid my clients with their treatments. Highly recommend.
Lisa, Suffolk

The course was comprehensive and the course material covered everything I needed in order to achieve the grade. Initially I felt somewhat daunted by the complexity and amount of content. The course is structured in such a way that encourages learning and understanding. I feel I have achieved something and it has motivated me to continue learning. Excellent support from the administration team who were genuinely pleased to help and offer support. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone considering taking Anatomy and Physiology Level 3.
Simon, Pool

Thank you so much. I love how my certificate looks. The platform is very easy to use & well designed & organised. 

I’m a student doctor and already have completed anatomy and physiology at university. This course was so informative in a fun way. I enjoyed reading everything and to tested my knowledge, was a good recap! 

Thank you for this experience and for my certificate! 
Zahraa, London

The Anatomy and Physiology course took my knowledge to another level. English is not my first language, so thank you very much for the fantastic service you provide.
Alessandro, London

I really enjoyed the introduction to crystals, I learnt a lot during the course.
Claire, Devon 

Fantastic course, very informative and useful, Easy to use.
Claire, Newhaven  

This was a very good informative course. Videos’s to give you the practicalities without actually practically doing anything furthered knowledge and was reassuring to know that current practices were correct. Having templates for health and safety and Covid guidelines for your business was excellent as this ensures you have all of the correct guidance in place. I would highly recommend Brighton holistic for further developing your professional knowledge and enhancing you as a therapist.
Jelbert, Somerset

I took this course as I wanted to know exactly what guidelines and procedures I need to put in place with regard to having clients to my house for treatments. Even though I receive updated emails from FHT and read the government guidelines, I felt that it would be good for my clients to see that I have taken this certified course to keep them safe.
Julie, West Sussex

The FHT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology course has been fantastic. The ability to work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home was ideal…
Ayesha, Online Course

The FHT Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology is an excellent course value for money high-quality content and resources.
Chris, Online Course

A great course which was very informative and interactive.
Learnt a lot and this has helped me with my understanding of COVID and infection control moving forward. Especially liked the templates which can be adapted to my business model
Clare, Online Course

The online courses are perfect, especially during this pandemic. I was worried about completing my cpd to keep my membership and came across your website which offered a variety of courses. I wasn’t sure at first but when i enquired I received an instant reply from Jon. He was very helpful. The courses that you provide are very informative and easy to understand. And the questionnaire at the end of the course helps you in focusing on the important points of the course. I’m looking to book a few more courses again. Thank you.
Toshi, Surrey

This Covid – 19 course has given me the confidence to reopen my business knowing I have the correct Risk assessment points in place for me. I know what PPE to use and not to use. Also how to present to my clients a positive, clean and safe environment for them and myself to feel at ease in. Thank you again for your great practical approach to a very complex situation that you made seem easy.
Jan, West Sussex

This course was brilliant. Informative and practical. Very useful templates and guidance.
Not too long, but long enough to feel well prepared and suitably informed.
Feeling much more confident in knowing what steps to take to get myself ready for returning to work when allowed.
Thank you!
Sarah, East Sussex

This was a very comprehensive and well-devised course from which I learnt a lot and I would thoroughly recommend it to fellow complementary therapists.
Aileen, Renfrewshire

I was happy to be able to access downloadable sample documents, as well as having the relevant official video guidance integrated within the course structure. Very thorough, clear and applicable! I’d highly recommend this course.
Ema, Cheshire

A very well structure and applicable to not only to therapists but an educational opportunity to all.
Keith, Surrey

Very impressed by how thorough this course was. It really covered every aspect and it was nice to see that there was thought given to the environmental impact of the measures that needed to be put in place.
Caroline, North Lincolnshire

100% recommended. The COVID-19 course is very very interesting and easily understandable.
Danielle, Blaenau Gwent

Thank you Brighton Holistics Online for providing this course to enable Therapists to plan how to safely return to Practice in the post-Covid-19 world. Very comprehensive and timely with the additional bonus of Accreditation by the UK Reiki Federation.
Loretto, West Midlands

This a brilliant course, it brings together a wide range of information on Covid-19 and best practice for re-opening in a logical and easy to digest format. Steadily building your knowledge as it goes, it links to key resources such as NHS videos on PPE and hygiene, and downloadable Risk Assessment templates to help you feel confident and get ready for reopening. The FAQs at the end are particularly comprehensive. Thanks for doing this course, especially in these challenging circumstances.
Jane, East Sussex

Definitely with doing to broaden your knowledge of COVI-19 with regards to rules and regulations during the current pandemic.
Kerry, Cleveland

I found the COVID-19 Awareness for therapists to be helpful and easy to understand.
Sylvia, Renfrewshire

I would certainly recommend this COVID-19 Awaernes course to other therapists.
Suzanne, Shropshire

I really enjoyed this online course. I found it very interesting to learn about different approaches to working with ‘life force energy’, including acupuncture meridians, chakra work, and Ayurvedic influences. A very clearly laid out, informative course.
Rhoda, Edinburgh.

This is an excellent course in my opinion. It is clearly laid out and extremely informative. It uses a great combination of written text, videos and diagrams to give a detailed, comprehensive course which I found very enjoyable to learn from.
Rhoda, Edinburgh.

A very interesting course and an enjoyable way to learn!
I found this course very clear to follow and really informative in its context. This online course is such a great way to learn and gain CPD points. I found it really helpful to be able to learn at my own pace but have excellent support from admin if and when needed. Thank you, Brighton Holistics Online, I greatly enjoyed this course on Understanding the Body Using Zone Systems. I loved its content! You have made your online courses very straight forward to navigate, read and learn from.
Rhoda, Edinburgh.

Great, informative and eye opening course in a really important area. Taught really well. If I was closer I would sign up to all of their courses!
Claire, Kent

Jon is a very nice and approachable person, filled with great knowledge in the subject and a good sense of humor that made everyone feel home. Looking forward to doing Reiki second level at Brighton Holistics Online.
Cristina, East Sussex

I really enjoyed the course. I wasn’t expecting it to be so thorough as it was working with pre-blended oils. I have been studying aromatherapy myself with books etc and needed a qualification that would enable me to use pre-blended oils safely within my reflexology treatments.
Angharad, Online Learner

I have studied a few courses with Brighton Holistics Online now and would always choose to come back here for any further study I undertake. The tutors are knowledgable, friendly and supportive.
Jo, East Sussex

Very well organised and explained, professional way have been used to explain and show different techniques, the location very nice welcoming and relaxing.
Alberto, East Sussex

Genuinely loved completing this course!! There were times when I felt I couldn’t keep up with the work, due to the busyness of life but felt our tutors to be very supportive and spurred you on. We were given so much information and advice regarding setting up and running a business which I found incredibly useful. I will definitely be returning for another course in the future!
Jennifer, East Sussex

Really enjoyed the Intro to Colour Therapy course, it was easy to navigate and had a comprehensive amount of knowledge. It was easy to navigate and use.
Julie, Isle of Weight

A huge amount of material to learn, but the training manual is very thorough. I also used the A&P videos resource for revision which was nice to have an alternative method of learning. The A&P question bank is an absolute must as it really helps practicing the type of questions you might be asked & actually helps by getting the answers wrong – it sticks in your mind! The question bank is invaluable.
Laura, East Sussex

The online pathology course was very thorough, giving a good overview of lots of different diseases etc. The mini online test for each category and the mock assessments were really helpful to embed the information. 
Laur, West Sussex

This is my second course with Brighton Holistics Online. Once again the course was amazing! I came away feeling positive, happy and relaxed and ready to tackle life again! As well as learning we also had a good laugh in a friendly and welcoming environment. Jon is very knowledgeable and gives great advice and help. I would highly recommend doing courses with Brighton Holistics Online.
Stephen, West Sussex

I needed to redo my A&P for my Kinesiology Core Subjects after misplacing my last certificate. I was absolutely dreading redoing it. It has been a long time since I did my last one. This course has been so informative. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.
I gave myself a week off to do the study and am so glad I have completed it.
Really pleased and will definitely recommend to others
Elizabeth, Online Learner 

I enjoyed the Pathology Level 3 course and being able to work at my own pace. Being able to reread and go back to any topics that took a little longer to understand was a great help.
Marie, Tyne on Wear

I have enjoyed this course on colour therapy. It has made me think about how I and others can use colour in our lives to promote well being. The course material was easy to read and the website easy to navigate. If there were any problems once contacted the institute quickly responded, so excellent support. It has inspired me to look further into this therapy. Would recommend and will be using again for my own studies.
Julia, Norfolk

Good course and venue and excellent teaching skills. The small group ensured adequate support from the tutor for every student. The online portal is simple to use and easy to submit coursework.
Dee, Isle fo Weight

I wished to do a crystal therapy course to add crystals to my facial therapy. I wanted a course that explained the history of Crystals recommended crystals, crystals & chakras & a brief treatment. I, also, wanted a course for CPD recognised by the FHT. This course covered all that I needed & was perfect for me. I am now going to do your colour course. Thank you.
Rachel, Buckinghamshire

I found the crystal therapy course I did “exactly what it said on the tin!” It was an excellent introduction. Enough to be exciting without overloading. At this point, a student has enough knowledge to play around and leave it at that. Or be really excited to continue learning. As for me, it blew my socks off. Wow!!! I am totally immersed in crystals, Crystal application, Crystal learning. It is very powerful and must be treated with utter respect. I am already very aware of the changes this knowledge has made to my life, is making to my life and will continue to make to my life.
Julia, Herts

I really enjoyed working through this online Pathology course and I thought its material was very thorough and detailed. As I’ve already studied pathology as part of my previous acupuncture qualification course, I thought this material would just be a repeat of what I’ve already learned. However, as well as consolidating that original learning – which was getting a bit rusty several years on – the Brighton Holistics Online Online course has succeeded in giving me many fascinating new insights into the many ways in which human body systems can go wrong and lead to disease. Thank you very much.
Christine, East Sussex

Will definitely be back for more training! All aspects are exceptional, from booking, receiving information beforehand, the course itself and then the follow-up using the portal is excellent. Thoroughly recommend.
Karen, Spain

The contents of this Pathology course was very informative and will help with my underpinning knowledge as a therapist. 
Lisa, East Sussex

I really enjoyed doing the Working with Pre-Blended Oils course. It was easy to understand and the training manual you get was invaluable and easy to navigate.
Nina, Dorset

The course was fantastic! I’ve learnt so much and have been supported throughout the process. I would absolutely recommend the course to anyone looking to move into complementary therapy.
Claire, East Sussex

Good course, nice to be able to gain cpd online.
Samantha, Derbyshire

This was an outstanding course! The whole course, in general, felt like it was written with great care and completeness. It covers a wide range of extensive material which thoroughly covers the foundations of Anatomy and Physiology. The Online Portal was easily understandable, providing a stress-free platform to self-study. It can be a big stresser when it comes to exams and tests. However I felt comfortable with the mocks and final tests, it was consistent with the learning material and with no surprises or “trick questions”. What was most awarding from this course was that it made me more confident with my A&P and gave me solid foundations to become a better practitioner.
Danny, Cheshire

A good introduction to crystals, it has definitely fulled my inetrestes to learn more.
Donna, Essex

Not only is the content of the Pathology Level 3 course thorough, but is also very relvant. Furthermore, if things are forgotten in teh future, they are excellent referance notes to refer back to and great to have!
Marco, West Sussex

I’m so facinated by the body and this courses has definatly enhaced that, I’ve learn’t so much – Thank you
Claire, East Susses

The course was more in-depth than I originally thought it would be. You covered a lot of essential oils, some that I had never heard of and gave a lot of information on safety. A very good in-depth short course, manageable and not too overpowering. I managed to complete it all in a day as it was enjoyable, easy to follow and kept me engaged.
Stephanie, Derbyshire

All course information extremely easy to understand and very detailed. Website easy to use. The quizzes at the end of each module were extremely helpful as a revision tool. Good to be able to take a mock exam. Plenty of time allowed for the final exam.
Belinda, Worcestershire

This was my second course here. I really enjoyed doing the courses in the small groups. I managed to negotiate the IT online (My issue as not very IT literate) However, any problems I encountered were solved by Brighton Holistics Online Online straight away who were most accommodating. I will definitely book to do further courses here and would recommend them to anyone.
Anna, East Sussex

I really enjoyed doing my 3rd course at Brighton Holistics Online and always find it a lovely atmoshere in which to learn.
Kim, West Sussex

I found the Soft Tissue Dysfunction and Injury course very interesting and informative.
Great to do it at my own pace from home.
I am not great with computers so was a bit worried, but it was fine. And the people at Brighton Holistics Online were so nice and very helpful when I contacted them.
Sharon – Somerset

I love this Moodle very efficient & straightforward.
Great quality clear & experienced teaching it is a relief that the Teacher is in control & kept to timings & did not let anyone go off talking on a tangent.
I will be rebooking on a course with you again soon:-)
Gemma, Surrey

I really enjoyed Hot stones course massage, it was an amazing experience. I love working with basalt hot stones as they have powerful healing properties and lots of other great benefits.
I also enjoyed a study day in Brighton with John and all other students and models, it was a great day.
Lada, East Sussex

The Anatomy & Physiology course is interesting and gives you a very good understanding of how the body works as a whole, this helps with the confidence needed when dealing with people who will have a wide variety of things concerning their health, more importantly it educates you to be aware of the conditions that must be contraindicated.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to be a professionally qualified Reflexologist and I would not hesitate to take another course with Brighton Holistics Online because every time I sent an email, no more than 15 minutes would go by and I would receive an answer.

Soft Tissue Dysfunction was a really useful course to underpin prior knowledge and add relevance to the A&P course by linking it in to real-life health conditions that will present in a clinic environment.
Nikki, Hampshire

The Pathology was a great course! And nice to know I can always refer back to my training manual at any point in my career.
Emma, East Sussex

I am so pleased I had the opportunity to complete this course. I found the Guide to Nutrition so interesting and informative, I’m sure my client’s will benefit too. Thank you so much, Brighton Holistics Online
Theresa, West Sussex.

Highly recommended this course to everyone. Extremely educational and in depth. Cannot recommend this course enough!
Kristiana, Hertfordshire

I really enjoyed this course and the way the the material is presented makes learning the subject matter clear and understandable as you progress through the online manual. Everything needed is supplied and I found the labelling manual invaluable for learning the bones and muscles etc. I would highly recommend learning Anatomy and Physiology with Brighton Holistics Online.
Diane, East Sussex

The Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology online course and the training material were all set out very good. Unlike other course I have done, you have set the out and run the course to help people and test the knowledge that you have taught me but without trying to catch me out on the wording or the questions.   
Steven, Kent

I found this course very informative and easy to understand. I would recommend this course as it will be very helpful when helping my clients with certain aspects of nutrition.
Diane, East Sussex

This course, and this method of learning is excellent. It is even more suitable if you are trying to study around work . It offers flexibility and information as well as knowledge and support for self improvement . I would recommend both Brighton Holistics Online and their courses to friends or anyone looking to develop themselves both personally and in terms of their career.
Jocelyn, East Sussex

Although there was a lot to learn within the online A & P course, Jon’s advice to just knuckle down and get on with it worked. the pages on the learners portal are easy to read and digest. Taking the the test via Skype was easy  to arrange and convenient.
Sue, Kent

The online course was short but comprehensive and informative. It has sparked an interest for me to look at this subject in more depth. 
Susan, Suffolk

For a basic yet comprehensive introduction to crystals this was good. I did not want to do a full training in Crystal Therapy, but did want to be able to use them within my current therapy practice (Bowen & Reiki). Balens are happy to insure me for including crystals as part of a treatment on completion of thai course.
Jenny, Lincolnshire

This is my second course with BHO as I really enjoy the course presentations, the tutors knowledge and the relaxed and professional atmosphere.
Kathryn, West Sussex

Course was very well delivered and ease around the learner portal very straight forward. The course content was informative and easily followed.
Lindsay, Shropshire

Thank you for a great day, Loved it.
Zelie, Isle of Wight

Great course and fantastic team that gets back to you very very quickly. The online Pathology course material is easy to understand and the program is user friendly. Thank you.
Lilla, France

I was very pleased with the online Pathology course I completed with you. It was a very affordable price, easy to use, even for a technophobe like myself, and any questions were quickly and patiently dealt with. Nice to talk to real people. I also loved the online resources provided. I just wished I lived nearer as the other courses you offer look exciting  too.
Georgia, Derbyshire

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