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The craft of Complementary Therapy –

The craft of Complementary Therapy complementary-therapy

There are a great number of therapies which involve some form of massage or bodywork and the sheer number of them can be confusing. Instead of asking, what is best, it may be better to consider that there are many routes to the same place. [1]

Every year, one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem, according to mental health charity Mind. A national survey of mental health issues found that nearly 5.9 in 100 adults in the UK suffer from generalised anxiety, 3.3 in 100 from depression and nearly 7.8 in 100  from mixed anxiety and depression. [2] Complementary therapy is increasingly being recognised as a way of coping with these problems. Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Holistic massage, bamboo massage, hot and cold stone therapy and many more can all be practised in conjunction with mindfulness techniques to produce a more rounded experience, yet even as stand-alone activities, the therapies are clear.

In this fast pace society, a sanctuary through complementary therapy – for yourself or others – is to give attention, and hold value to a special skill. The benefits are obvious when you reflect, it is healing, detoxifying and incredibly rewarding whether to receive or gift to others as in skill.

Uplifting Experience

Chris a Brighton Holistics student has recently opened his own therapy clinic in Haywards Heath, after working as a nurse for several years, and has since seen the health benefits to his clients first hand. Chris says “ If you are suffering from anxiety and depression, it is often very difficult to find a safe space to switch off from feelings. Complementary therapy can give individuals a space to soothe and calm the nervous system whilst shutting out the rest of the noise. I have received really positive feedback.

What does it look like to learn the skill of complementary therapy?

It will become a pastime, linking to health and wellbeing through tried and tested methods which switch off from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Complementary therapy creates something that connects with the mind, being an uplifting experience receiving pleasure from, and having a positive impact. Even a very basic foot bath may not seem like much in itself, but if you put enough thought into it you can create something really very special.

Wormwood a bestselling complementary therapist writes; “Some people seem to float like bits of flotsam adrift on the sea of life, directed by the tide, while others seem to be fully conscious and in control of their lives, aware of what they are doing and why they are doing it. In terms of mental health, being in control is an extremely important factor. Again and again, studies show that those who have little or no control suffer.

Brighton Holistics Online has made complementary therapy learning and its associated health benefits one of its key areas of learning and experience. ‘Complementary therapy can help you deal with everyday life, manage change, fluctuations in mood and keep your stress at a healthy level.

Hands-on experience

Learning complementary therapies can give something to concentrate on that isn’t overwhelming and occupies both hands and mind. The therapeutic scope is used to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. Bringing improvements in sleep disorders, pain and conditions know to be exacerbated by anxiety. With this too it fosters communication, reflexology by example invites the discussion of physiological issues where touch is a means of communication with specific areas of the body in the feet.

Research evidence

To date, most clinical trials of therapeutic massage have focused on psychological outcomes of the treatment. Good evidence from randomised trials indicates that massage reduces anxiety scores in the short term in varied settings. Where practitioners of massage aim to give patients an experience of relaxation that can facilitate their use of self-help and consciousness to showing up for the self. [3]


The variety of training courses and scope is enormous where Brighton Holistics Online have spent many established years building courses for you in mind. Body massage, Sports massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Pregnancy Massage, deep tissue massage, Hopi Ear Candling, Facials and Skincare. Warm Bamboo, Hot and Cold Stone Massage, Myofascial release, Reiki and many more.

So what are you waiting for? Is it time to get learning to become a therapist?

For information on all our complementary therapy qualifcations please click here

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