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Terms & Conditions

You can book 24 hours a day on our website, where you can pay via credit or debit card, PayPal (no PayPal account needed) or Bank Transfer. Please note that if you pay via bank transfer, we will only hold the course open for you for five days so funds must be released within this time. If there is less than seven days before the course start date, a bank transfer payment will not be accepted. On the website, you have the option to pay the full course cost at the time of booking. We take credit or debit card bookings over the phone during office hours.

Brighton Holistics Online on 01273 974 950 during office hours – Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, excluding bank holidays, (Easter Holiday- Good Friday through to Tuesday after Easter – Christmas Holiday December 21 through to January 4) or visit our website where bookings are available online 24hrs.

Brighton Holistics Online – Call Recording Policy – Please click HERE for further information

Booking Your Course

1.1 – You will receive an email confirmation within three days. This email will be sent from; the subject heading will be “Brighton Holistics Online Course Confirmation. PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL IN FULL”. If you book a course by calling the Brighton Holistics Online office the email will contain a Student Information Form which must be completed and returned.

1.2 – If you book, online, the student form is completed at the time of checkout. It is extremely important that the information you give us is complete and correct. If you require any help with learning, this needs to be declared on the form.

If you have an Educational Report Statement or an Educational Health Care Report/Plan, outlining your learning needs, this needs to be submitted prior to starting the course, so that the relevant help and support can be discussed and put in place. If we are not able to facilitate your requirements, we will work with you to help try to find a suitable training school which will be able to facilitate your requirements. Learners who book a course agree to the Brighton Holistics Online Learners Agreement.

Brighton Holistics Online – Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration Policy – Please click HERE for further information.

1.3 – Please ensure that you are booking onto the correct course. Refunds will not be available to any learner who has started or completed a course, who then decides that it does not meet with their requirements.

1.4 – If you have received funding to attend your course and you decide not to complete for any reason, Brighton Holistics Online have to notify the funding agency of your decision. The funding agency may then recoup the funds paid. This is the reasonability of the learner to pay these funds back to the funding agency, not Brighton Holistics Online.

1.5 – Credit – The Brighton Holistics Online terms and conditions will not be altered, effected, or amended in any way if this is the chosen payment method.

1.6 – Telephone Orders – A member of the Brighton Holistics Online Administration team will contact you within three working days (Monday to Friday) during 9 am and 5 pm to take your card details. If the course is not paid for within three days of the order being placed, the course will be cancelled.

1.7 – System Service Level       
Brighton Holistics Online products are hosted securely with a licensed Moodle Partner. Brighton Holistics Online has a service level agreement with the Moodle Partner that states that the hosting environment shall normally be available on a 24×7 basis with a 99.8% uptime guarantee. This excludes scheduled downtime that is occasionally required for upgrades and is agreed with Brighton Holistics Online in advance. The system is very stable, and downtime is extremely rare, however, should the Moodle service be lost for a period of time due to circumstances beyond the control of Brighton Holistics Online.

Brighton Holistics Online takes no responsibility whatsoever for any loss of business or earnings and will not under any circumstances be liable for any costs, losses or inconvenience incurred directly or indirectly from the downtime.

1.8 – Delivery of Online Courses
We endeavour to register all training courses as quickly as we can, (normally with and hour or two) however if you book the course over a weekend or bank holiday this can take 24 to 48 hours of making the booking. If a booking is made during normal office hours – Monday – Friday 9 am to 5 pm, excluding UK bank holidays, please call Brighton Holistics Online on 01273 974 950 during office hours – Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, excluding bank holidays, (Easter Holiday- Good Friday through to Tuesday after Easter – Christmas Holiday December 21 through to January 4) this may be completed quicker.

1.9 – Certification 
All certificates are sent via email, once the learning outcomes have been achieved. Please make sure you keep copies of manuals and certificates as duplicates will not be issued.

1.10 – Cancellations (online courses)
Once you have received course booking confirmation, you have a 14-day cooling-off period. However, if you have logged onto the course Portal, no refund will be issued, even if this falls within the first fourteen days.

1.11 – Insurance

The qualification gained from our course will only be accepted for professional practice and insurance if the learner holds the prerequisites of a recognised accredited Level 3 or 4 Body Sports Massage / Aromatherapy / Reflexology / Beauty (level 2 or 3) qualification. Please also note that if you wish to study a level 3 qualification, there are no pre-course requisites.

1.12 – It is the learner’s responsibility to check with their insurance company and or professional body, that they hold the required pre-course requisites before attending a course at Brighton Holistics Online. It is NOT the responsibility of Brighton Holistics Online, and Brighton Holistics Online will not be held liable for any fees incurred for training which is then not recognised by the learners’ insurance company due to not having the pre-course requirements.

1.13 – License to Practice Therapy

Some London boroughs require therapists to have a license and specific qualifications (i.e., FHT, VTCT, NVQ or Level 3). It is each student’s responsibility to check that the course they have booked onto will meet the requirements of their local council or any employer whom they wish to work for. This must be done before booking onto a training course as refunds are not available to any student who has started or completed a course, who then decides that it does not meet their requirements.

1.14 – Course Timeframe – 12 months duration 
All online courses (not blended learning courses) must be completed within 12 months of course allocation; this includes the final assessment. If you require additional time to complete your course, an extension will only be granted on medical grounds, and medical documentation will be required. The course can then only be extended by a further six months to a total of 18 months from the course start date. There will be a £60 administration fee for extending your course. You must apply via email to for an extension. Please note that the Brighton Holistics Online Learners Portal closes at 17hrs on the day of completion day. After this time, you will not be able to access the course.

1.14a – Course Timeframe for Blended Diploma Courses 
All short courses which require case studies must be completed within two months (60 days) of your course start date. The course can only be extended by four months after the original two months totalling (6 months). You must apply in an email to for an extension. There will be a £45 administration (per course) fee for extending your course. If an extension is requested and you choose not to use it, the extension fee is still due for payment. After this time, you will be required to start the course again at your expense, or you can opt for a CPD certificate to be issued). If you request an extension and don’t use it the extension fee is still due for payment. Please note that the  Learners Portal closes at 17hrs on the day of completion day. After this time, you will not be able to access the course.

1.14b – General Contraindications for Blended Diploma courses:

Brighton Holistics Online reserves the right to withhold training if any of the following health and safety contraindications are present in any student or model who attends a training course. It is the responsibility of the student to check the contraindications listed below before booking a course, we advise that the learner completes a consultation form for the model before the course. All the general contraindications apply to all students and models unless agreed with Brighton Holistics Online prior to the training date. If you require any advice on these conditions, please call us on 01273 974 950.

  • Fungal conditions (on the hands or feet), verrucae on the feet and/or warts on the hand. (These must be covered)

  • Pregnancy (all stages). If you are attending a pregnancy massage course, your model must be past their first trimester. *

  • Any physical disability or restriction of any kind, in any part of the body, which prevents free movement for delivering (and receiving of) the techniques of each training course.

  • ALL infectious diseases and ANY infectious condition such as Viruses, colds, cold sores, warts as well as bacterial infections such as impetigo, boils, conjunctivitis, sties, ringworm etc.

  • Under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Extensive wounds, cuts, bruises or abrasions to hands and/or feet, or in any area of the body where the treatment will be performed.

  • Extensive (or recent/severe) inflammation anywhere in the body (including severe, localised sunburn).

  • Central nervous disorders, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease, trapped, pinched or inflamed nerve.

  • Bulging or herniated disc.

  • Any surgery major or minor must be cleared before you can participate in receiving any treatments during training.

  • Numbness, tingling or reduced sensitivity in the extremities or in any treatment area.

  • Thrombosis/embolism or phlebitis, recent stroke, haemorrhage or blood clots.

  • Excessively high or low blood pressure, dizziness and/or nausea.

  • Serious heart conditions/circulatory disorders/severe varicose veins.

  • Paranoia, psychosis or schizophrenia.

  • Osteoporosis, spondylitis, severe rheumatoid or osteoarthritis.

  • Any undiagnosed condition or illness.

  • Head lice or nits.

  • Recent head injury or neck injury (including whiplash).

  • Recent operations/surgery: anywhere in the body.

  • Diarrhoea and/or vomiting.

* Pregnancy and training

If during your course you become pregnant, you may need to stop your course until after the baby has been born. This will be discussed with you by the principal and senior tutor of Brighton Holistics Online, as soon as you notify us of this news. If you can continue with your training course, you will not be permitted to receive a treatment and it will be the learner’s responsibility to provide a model for all remaining practical training sessions.

There are some courses where becoming pregnant means you will no longer be able to continue with the course while pregnant and this may mean that you will need to defer your course. Please note that you will only be permitted to join an alternative course if that course has availability. Brighton Holistics Online will not reserve a space or remove a learner from another course to facilitate you. If you defer your course, you must still follow the original course time frames as explained within the booking terms and conditions.

1.41c – Blended Course Start Times

  • All courses start at 10.30 am

  • All courses finish around 3.30 pm (approx)

1.14d – Models for Blended Courses
Learners will be required to to have a model for the practical sessions. The model would not be required until 1.15 pm.

Please note that models are NOT permitted to sit through theory sessions. The reason for this is that the model can become a distraction to the other learners. It is the responsibility of the learner to supply the model NOT Brighton Holistics Online. Please note models must be over the age of 16. It is also the learners responsibility to make sure that the model is not contraindicated and fully understands the treatment they will be receiving and the contra-actions related to that treatment.   

1.15 – Marking Your Coursework
All submitted work is marked by a qualified Assessor and monitored by an IQA (Internal Quality Assurance). We aim to mark all coursework within twenty-one working days of submission. Your Learners Portfolio is marked continually during your course, so please upload work as you complete it, instead of uploading a large number of documents all at once. If there is going to be a delay in marking, we will endeavour to publish this information beforehand within the Learners Portal.

Brighton Holistics Online – Assessment Principles Policy – Please click HERE for further information.

1.16 – Online Assessments
Each course has a final assessment which is completed via the online system. We advise the use of a computer with a webcam to complete your final assessment.

The system will choose the theory questions and labelling questions for your assessment from a question bank, so we are not able to advise what will be in the assessment.

You cannot take the final assessment until you have met all the learning outcomes required to take the course. These are clearly explained in all our courses.

Brighton Holistics Online – Quality Assurance Policy – Please click HERE for further information.

Brighton Holistics Online – Assessment Policy – Please click HERE for further information.

Brighton Holistics Online – Internal Verification Policy – Please click HERE for further information.

Brighton Holistics Online – Assessment Malpractice Policy – Please click HERE for further information.

1.17 – If you are completing the Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology final assessment for a level 3 qualification, such as Body massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy etc. this must be completed with an assessor observing your assessment and is completed online by using our online assessment program called “Zoom”. If you are taking Anatomy and Physiology as a general knowledge subject, this does not need to be witnessed by the assessor.

Please note – ITEC and VTCT qualification assessments have to be invigilated by an assessor and we are one of the few training schools that meet the requirements to allow you to complete your online assessment online in your own home and country. To be able to complete your final assessment online, you must have access to our assessment program called “Zoom”. Photographic ID must be seen before taking the final assessment, this can be a driving licence or passport.

Please note that when you take your final assessment, you will be connected to ITEC or VTCT assessment portal, and NOT Brighton Holistics Online. Brighton Holistics Online are not responsible for the assessment’s quality or content. ITEC and VTCT do not indicate what will be asked within your final assessment, and again, this is not Brighton Holistics reasonability. An anatomy and physiology assessment is a knowledge-based assessment.

Final assessment dates will be given to you once you have reached the needed learning outcomes and when you advise us that you are ready. You must notify us of your chosen exam date at least eight weeks before the final assessment exam date. Please note that if you are not taking your final assessment at Brighton Holistics Online, Brighton Holistics Online cannot be responsible for the assessment date given to you or the timeframe by other training establishments.

1.18 – It is the learns responsibility to make sure that all coursework is saved and backed up. Lost coursework is the reasonability of the learner, not Brighton Holistics Online. If you are completing your assessment with another ITEC or VTCT assessment center, you must take your original Pathology assignments with you on your assessment day, failure to do this would mean you can’t sit your assessment.

1.19 – Please note that when you are completing your online assessments, you must make sure that you have a good Wi-Fi, 3g or 4g connection. If the signal keeps breaking, then your assessment will be cancelled, and you will have to reschedule your assessment. This will be classed as a failed assessment. We advise the use of a computer with a webcam to complete your final assessment, we do not advise trying to complete your assessment on a smartphone or tablet. For further information on the program, we use for assessment please click on this link. . You may be asked to download an app or software to give you full functionality. Your Assessment will also be recorded for assessment Invigilation purposes.

1.20 – Please note that a final assessment can only be taken once, an administration fee of £45 will be charged per additional assessment. Please note that this fee will be £100 for an ITEC or VTCT qualification. If you are completing your assessment at another ITEC or VTCT assessment, there’s cost may differ. The Learner would need to pay the chosen assessment center fees and not Brighton Holistics Online.

All our courses are invigilated by an assessor to maintain the quality of the course and the qualification. Course certificates are normally issued within five working days after completing your final assessment. Office hours are Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm, excluding bank holidays. Please note that ITEC and VTCT and take three to four months for certification to be issued. This is not down to Brighton Holistics Online.

1.21 – Feedback
At the end of the course, you will be sent a feedback form via email. This is extremely important for us to make sure that we are offering the correct level of service. Please take the time to complete this as we value your comments.

1.22 – Threatening, Intimidating and Unprofessional Behaviour
Please be aware that any form of threatening behaviour, including verbal or physical abuse, unprofessional behaviour, or being made to feel guilty will not be tolerated at Brighton Holistics Online, either in the classroom, on the telephone, email or social media. If the tutor believes that they or another student feels threatened or intimidated, you will be asked to leave the premises. If you refuse to leave, the police will be called, and the incident will be reported to your professional body. Your course will not be rearranged, and no refund will be offered under any circumstance.

If you require any help or advice regarding your training, please don’t hesitate to call Brighton Holistics Online on: – 01273 974 950

Brighton Holistics Online – Call Recording Policy – Please click HERE for further information

1.23 – Complaints Procedure
Brighton Holistics Online prides itself on the level of service we offer, however sometimes we do get things wrong (we are human). If we have done something wrong, please tell us via our complaints procedure so that we can get things put right for you. For further information on this, please click HERE.

1.24 – Unacceptable Actions Policy
This policy covers all areas of work undertaken by Brighton Holistics Online. It applies to people our staff who come into contact with during the course of our business, including current and potential consumers, their representatives and our participating companies. Contact covers various forms, including social media, telephone, face-to-face, and written correspondence. Sometimes, people using our service use behaviour, actions or general conduct that makes it very difficult for us to deal with. In such cases, we issue and take action to protect our staff as such that is underwritten within this policy. For further information on this, please click HERE.

1.25 – Courses, Training Manuals, Case Studies Online Theory Session, Certification and Continuing Education
Brighton Holistics Online uses a computerised education system called a “Moodle” (we call this the Learners Portal) for all courses. This system is used across all education levels and is easy to use. You will need to have basic computer skills to use this system. An email will be sent to you on your training day, giving you the information, you need to access this system. Please note that we do not email manuals or send out training manuals before the course start date.

Brighton Holistics Online – Computer Literacy Policy – Please click HERE for further information

1.26 – Terminology: The terminology used within any of the Brighton Holistics Online manuals and courses is not designed to cause offense or upset to anyone. The terminology used was acceptable at the time of course production and passing the accreditation process. However, in these changing times, some names or language used may potentially now be classed as offensive. Brighton Holistics Online works tirelessly to make sure that our manuals and course work is inclusive to all groups. Brighton Holistics Online, unfortunately, cannot be held responsible for terminology which may now offend. Some vocabulary is required to explain different forms, methodologies or conditions. This is out of Brighton Holistics Online’s control as it may be an accreditation or learning outcome requirement. At no time is any offense meant against any individual or group.

1.27 – Training Manuals: Will be downloadable to each learner via their online Learning Portal. These manuals will be available to download for 60 days once your course has started. It will be the learner’s responsibility to download and save their training manuals within this time. Manuals can be read on all devices.

Brighton Holistics Online – Registration and Certification Policy – Please click HERE for further information.

1.28 – Continuing Education courses (APL): Continuing Education courses uses a system called APL (accredited parallel learning) which can only be used for a maximum of five years from the original completion date of your original level 3 qualification. After this time, you will be required to take the full Level 3 qualification and not an APL qualification.

1.29 – To qualify for an APL your original qualification must be a recognised level 3 qualification, which meets the National Occupational Standard and the Core Curriculum. The APL certification you are submitting for the APL qualification must clearly show that you have met and passed the learning outcome required to APL the particular module. Brighton Holistics Online will not be responsible for the standard, quality or content of what has been taught by your previous training schools. If you are completing a Continuing Education course and your original level 3 course hasn’t covered the units required to complete the APL course, it will be the learner’s responsibility to pay for the additional modules APL to complete the APL course.

Please note that once a course has been started an APL claim cannot be claimed. All APL claims must be made at the time of booking and it is the learners responsibility to claim, not Brighton Holistics Online.

Brighton Holistics Online – Accreditation of Prior Learning Policy – Please click HERE for further information.

1.30 – Sometimes during a course, we may need to make a change to the content of the course due to a change in the National Occupational Standard, alter the course delivery or if Brighton Holistics Online and the accreditor feel that an additional module is required to better the course, thus giving you better-underpinning knowledge or practical skill. Brighton Holistics Online are always looking at different ways that a course can be improved by adding additional skills or knowledge.

1.31 – Correction & Clarification
Every effort has been made to ensure that the information and advice given in all training courses is accurate and up to date. Whilst the information and advice were given throughout is believed to be true and accurate at the time of production, Brighton Holistics Online cannot accept any legal responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions that may be made. Brighton Holistics Online accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the accuracy of the information, conclusions that may be drawn from it, or how the information is interpreted and implemented. This is the basis on which the information is presented, and the courses offered.

1.32 – Copyright 
All rights are reserved. The copying or reproducing of any of the content of this website or training material is strictly prohibited without prior consent. The content of all Brighton Holistics Online training material, even when unbranded, remains strictly under the ownership and copyright of Brighton Holistics Online and may not be copied, duplicated or shared by any means without explicit permission from Brighton Holistics Online. All intellectual rights to all Brighton Holistics Online products remain strictly with Brighton Holistics Online.

1.33 – Permissible Use of Training and Training Manuals
Brighton Holistics Online offers practitioner training courses to learners providing them with the skills for delivering therapy. Our courses are not designed or intended to permit students to offer the training themselves. All course materials are strictly intended for reference purposes when delivering therapy. The unauthorised copying, distribution, sharing, or other use of training manuals or materials is a serious breach of copyright.

1.34 – Privacy
Brighton Holistics Online is fully committed to full compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. Brighton Holistics Online will, therefore, follow procedures that aim to ensure that all team members who have access to any personal data held by Brighton Holistics Online are fully aware of and abide by their duties under the General Data Protection Regulation. Brighton Holistics Online will not share any information with any third party except if requested by law.

Brighton Holistics Online – General Data Protection Regulation Policy – Please click HERE for further information.

1.35 – Links
Brighton Holistics Online accepts no liability for the content or practices of any websites that may be linked to or through this site or embedded in any of the training portals. Such links are maintained “as is” for information purposes only and Brighton Holistics Online does not, therefore, necessarily approve of or endorse the content of those sites.

1.36 – Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and any dispute shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Each of the paragraphs of these Terms and Conditions operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them is unlawful, the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect.

Statement – The principal and senior tutor of our team is dyslexic, and a number of the emails sent from him are sent through an email dictation program, so we apologise if the email has incorrect spelling and grammar.

Please note by booking a course with Brighton Holistics Online you agree to these terms and conditions.

Please note Brighton Holistics Online prides itself on its transparency and accountability. Our terms and conditions are very clear, and we will not deviate from them.

Brighton Holistics Online reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website immediately; all alterations are listed below. 

Terms and Conditions last updated – August 2nd, 2022

Terms and Conditions Updates

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