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Useful Websites

Below we have listed a number of useful website links that may be of use to you. These links may help you direct your client to the right support group or for you or them to gain further information on different condition and support groups.

RegulatorsComplementary Natural Health Care
Professional Standards Authority
Advertising Standards Agency

Complementary Healthcare Associations/Information

AcupunctureBritish Acupuncture Council
AromatherapyInternational Federation of Professional Aromatherapists
Aromatherapy Council
Aromatherapy Trade Council
Bach FlowersThe Dr. Edward Bach Centre
Bowen TechniqueBowen Association UK
Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA)
ChiropracticGeneral Chiropractic Council
Complementary MedicineBritish Complementary Medicine Association
Complementary Medical Association
Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine
CuppingCupping Resource
FeldenkraisFeldenkrais Method
Herbal MedicineMedical Herbalism
Herb Research Foundation
Holistic TherapistsComplementary Therapists Association
Federation of Holistic Therapists
The Guild of Holistic Therapies
HomeopathyBritish Homeopathic Association
Society of Homoeopaths
HypnotherapyThe National Register of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists
MassageGeneral Council for Massage Therapies
International Association of Infant Massage
OsteopathyGeneral Osteopathic Council
Register of Remedial Masseurs & Manipulative Therapies
ReflexologyAssociation of Reflexologists
ReikiThe Reiki Council
The Reiki Federation
RolfingEuropean Rolfing Association
ShiatsuThe Shiatsu Society (UK)

Help/Support Groups

AIDSNational AIDS Trust
Alcohol AbuseAlcoholics Anonymous
AllergiesThe Allergy Foundation
Alzheimer’sAlzheimer’s Society
ArthritisArthritis Care
Rheumatoid Arthritis Support Network (RASN)
Glucosamine and Arthritis
Behcet’s SyndromeBehcet’s Syndrome Society
Marie Curie
Macmillan Cancer Relief
Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
Ovacome (Ovarian Cancer Support)
Prostate Cancer UK
CarersCarers Trust
Child AbuseNSPCC
Crohn’s DiseaseCrohn’s Disease
Coeliac DiseaseThe Coeliac Society UK
CystitisInterstitial Cystitis Association
DeafnessBritish Deaf Association
DiabetesDiabetes UK
National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
DisabilitiesDisability World
Contact a Family
Eating DisordersEating Disorders
EczemaThe National Eczema Society
EndometriosisNational Endometriosis Society
EpilepsyThe National Society for Epilepsy
Eye ConditionsSpecific Eye Conditions
Headache/MigraineThe National Migraine Centre
Migraine Action Association
Heart AttackBritish Heart Foundation
ImpotenceThe Impotence Association
LeukaemiaThe Anthony Nolan Trust
The Leukaemia CARE Society
Liver DiseasesThe British Liver Trust
Ménière’s DiseaseMénière’s Society
Mental HealthBrain Injury Association
Manic Depression Fellowship
The Mental Health Foundation
The Royal College of Psychiatrists
Multiple SclerosisMultiple Sclerosis International Federation
Multiple Sclerosis Society
Multiple Sclerosis Trust
Neurological DisordersNational Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Oesophageal DisordersOesophageal Patients Association
OsteoporosisNational Osteoporosis Society
RapeRape Crisis Federation
Sleep DisordersNational Sleep Foundation

Brighton Holistics Online have listed these links in good faith and as such would ask that you note that we cannot be held responsible for any actions or service levels offered by the friends of Brighton Holistics Online and are not responsible for any text or links to third party websites.

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