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Questions to ask when choosing a complementary therapy school

Introduction to body massage Brighton Holistics Online , Sussex Questions to Ask When Choosing a complementary Therapy School

How to Choose a Therapy School

Complementary Therapy is a highly rewarding practice. However, trudging through Google, trying to find the right training school can be hard work. We’ve listed some things to consider when choosing a Complementary Therapy Training School.

– Don’t be scared to get in touch to introduce yourself. Their reply will give you a feel for their culture and whether it matches your values.

– Look at the course testimonials. This may answer any questions you have. Visit their FAQ’s page too.

– Check to make sure that the course is accredited by a recognised governing body (for example, FHT, VCTC or ITEC). This is important and validates the qualification.

– Look at the about page on their website to see how many years they have been running. This might determine which school you choose.

– Read up about who will be teaching your course and what experience or qualifications they have.

– Email the school to ask about their pass rate / exam results. Schools will usually be very happy to provide you with this information.

– Email to ask if there are any graduates or alumni you could get in touch with. Hearing their reviews and experiences can be very helpful.

– Make sure the school’s terms and conditions work for you. Some schools require full payment upon enrolment, whilst others offer payment plans.

You are likely to have further questions, however, the key is to begin talking to your school of interest. You are choosing who you spend your money and a lot of time with, so make sure you are happy with the qualification and level of services the school is offering.

If you visit the school ask to see their testimonials. If they have nothing to hide they will be happy to show you the original documents.

You can always contact Brighton Holistics Online by click Here or contact FHT ( to check your course is accredited.



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