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What a non-accredited course could mean for you

What A Non-Accredited Course Could Mean For You? Brighton Holistics Online

What A Non-Accredited Course Could Mean For You? There are hundreds of courses around at the moment. Some are accredited but many are not. Often, the unaccredited courses are significantly cheaper, attracting many students. However, there are some things to be aware of before committing to an unaccredited course.

The Risks Of Unaccredited Courses

It is important for students to be aware that by taking an unaccredited course, the end qualification may not meet the requirements set by employers or insurers. This could make it very difficult to find paid work and public liability insurance.

The problem with an unaccredited course is that there is no quality control. Governing bodies cannot assess or guide training schools if they do not apply for accreditation. Moreover, some of these schools charge the same fees as accredited schools, making it very unfair on the student (who sometimes, is unaware of the importance of accreditation and what it could mean for their future).

Unaccredited courses are creating a bad name for the complimentary therapy industry – as many therapists working today do not meet the qualification requirements set by national governing bodies. As a result, clients are left with little faith in the industry.

In short, an accredited course means that students know they are receiving quality education. It allows for vast employment opportunities and good public liability insurance, meaning clients are kept safe and satisfied with the high quality treatments on offer.

Sadly we can’t list any accrediting bodies for legal reasons, so we recommend you check what the accrediting body is for the course you are interested in. Here at Brighton Holistics Online , we work with FHT (a national governing body), as they have the highest standards for accreditation within the industry. You can always give FHT a call on 023 8062 4350 or drop us an email if you need any help or advice.



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