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What does QCF to RQF mean?

What does QCF to RQF mean?

What does QCF to RQF mean? Any qualification with an operational start date of 1 October 2015 or later will be displayed on the Ofqual register, and our documentation, will have (RQF) on the end instead of (QCF).

This is because Ofqual, the regulator, have made changes to the framework that regulated qualifications sit on. Instead of the Qualifications Credit Framework, we now have the Regulated Qualification Framework or RQF.

Over the next two years you will notice the qualifications which have (QCF) on the end of their title changing to reflect this. Ofqual no longer requires awarding organisations to include the framework acronym in a regulated qualification’s title, but we have taken the decision to continue this practice as we feel those three little letters are valuable for users who need to easily recognise which qualifications are or are not regulated.

In practice the content of the qualifications will not change beyond any changes which would normally be made as part of our ongoing review and improvement process. All certificates for regulated qualifications will continue to bear the Ofqual logo. If your certificate has (QCF) on it, it is still valid and recognised.

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