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Sports Massage & Its Therapeutic Benefits

Sports Massage, Brighton Holistics Online , Sports Massage & Its Therapeutic Benefits

An Introduction To Sports Massage

Sports Massage is an advanced Complementary Therapy that is used to alleviate pain and discomfort in the muscle tissue. It involves body massage, stretching and some deep tissue technique if necessary. The style of massage is particularly effective for those who are very physically active, because the techniques used, provide immediate relief against tension and sore muscles after exercise. Originally, it was designed to treat and rehabilitate injuries and impingements caused by competitive sports. However, Sports Massage is also beneficial for those who do not class themselves as “sporty”. The combination of stretching and massage is therapeutic for everyone. Contrary to its current reputation, Sports Massage should never be painful. A highly qualified Sports Massage Therapist will never take the stretch or pressure to the point of pain. At Brighton Holistics Online , we train all of our students to practice the theory that Sports Massage Therapy should primarily be a relaxing experience.

How The Treatment Works

Traditionally, Sports Massage is used to prevent or treat the onset of “DOMS” (delayed onset muscle soreness). A term that is regularly thrown around in gyms and on the field, DOMS can prevent someone from being able to continue with their training, due to the intense soreness in the muscle tissue. DOMS happens as a result of intense training and soreness typically begins to develop between 12 – 24 hours after. “Second Day DOMS” is also a thing. A term describing the soreness that appears 24- 72 hours after training. In this period, the pain is at its worst. Sports Massage prevents DOMS by flushing the muscle tissue with blood and lymph, nourishing the fibres to prevent muscle fatigue and the onset of soreness.

In addition to treating muscular discomfort, Sports Massage is a wonderful stress-relieving tool. Due to the nature of stretching and massage, the techniques used in a Sports Massage treatment releases endorphins. This can help decrease anxiety levels and stress, whilst improving mood and outlook.

A good Sports Massage Therapist will discuss the treatment with their client, prior to the booked date. Upon meeting, the client will have to fill out a consultation form – declaring any existing medical conditions. Some movements and techniques might be omitted or added into the treatment to benefit the client’s individual needs.  

What Conditions Can It Treat?

Sports Massage offers many therapeutic benefits. It is very effective in helping individuals who suffer with regular aches and pains, as well as professional athletes; aiding their recovery to achieve better performance. The stretching and massage techniques increase joint range of motion (ROM) and flexibility whilst decreasing muscle tension, muscles spasms and cramping. Many people feel that the recovery time between training sessions is also decreased. This is because the muscles are manipulated throughout the treatment to increase blood flow and decrease lactic acid, removing the effects of muscle fatigue. Moreover, it is very effective at treating any stress-related conditions, such as insomnia, stress or anxiety.

Qualifying In Aromatherapy Massage With Brighton Holistics Online

Sports Massage Therapy is very highly regarded and qualifying in Sports Massage Level 3, 4 and 5 are seen as advanced qualifications.  

Our level 3 Sports Massage training course, taught at Brighton Holistics Online , is comprehensive and practical. You will learn the benefits and techniques of Sports Massage Therapy and hoe to stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanisms to function efficiently. After completing this course, students can move onto the Level 4 and 5 Sports Massage training course.

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