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Changing career could be easier than you think…

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Stuck in a humdrum job but can’t see a way out? Changing career could be easier than you think…

So often we find ourselves years into an unrewarding career, unable to break out and make a change because of the need to pay the bills. Re-training at any stage in our life can be a daunting prospect, but a course in complimentary therapy can be the perfect beginning to a truly flexible, rewarding and varied career for many people.

Here are some questions to ask before embarking on your career-changing adventure:

Which therapy is right for me?

Often trainees come to us with an idea of which course they wish to attend and what their desired outcome is. However, for those not so sure, an introductory course could be the ideal way to explore the therapies on offer, before committing to more in-depth training. Try as many different courses as you can to get a full understanding of which ones you really love.

What qualifications will I need?

A quick online search will reveal there are hundreds of course providers offering ‘qualifications’ in complementary therapy that can be achieved in a couple of hours online. Whilst it might be tempting to sign up for the seemingly cheap and quick fix course, this essentially won’t provide you with the level of qualification you need to practise effectively, safely and legally, especially if you are new to the industry. 

There is nothing more disappointing then completing your training, only to discover that your qualifications are not suitable for the job you want to secure. By checking that the course you choose is accredited by an independent and nationally recognised awarding body, you can be sure the qualification you earn will be welcomed by employers and clients.

Which level?
For newcomers to complementary therapy a Level 3 course is the ideal way to gain the comprehensive training needed to secure a job or set up a business in the industry. The Level 3 courses at Brighton Holistics Online include modules on business development and marketing, along with in-depth training on your chosen therapy. We believe that this blend offers our students everything they need to set them firmly on the path to a new career.

How long will it take?

Often our students will have to work at the same time as studying. Before you book a course find out how much time you’ll need to dedicate to completing it. How will the course fit around your daily routine? When will you be able to study?

Time is precious and being realistic about how much you’ll have to dedicate will help you to manage your work more effectively. Brighton Holistics Online Level 3 courses offer a blend of study days on-site and home learning, making flexible learning a possibility.

At Brighton Holistics Online we have been training complementary therapists and beauty therapists for over a decade. Our experienced tutors are on-hand throughout the whole learning journey and will give realistic advice and guidance to help you achieve your goals. Call Brighton Holistics Online on 01273 974 950 or email via the website us to find out more.



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