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Becoming a holistic practitioner

Becoming a Holistic Practitioner

Taking our course in Body Massage, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy or Reflexology is a fantastic way to start your career as a holistic therapist. During the course you’ll gain knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, which will act as a foundation for further study into different areas of therapy. If you’re considering becoming an Holistic therapist, massage is one of the best disciplines to start studying, and here at Brighton Holistics Online we have all the courses you need.

Marketable Skills

Due to the high popularity and demand for massage, your skills will be highly marketable. Whether you’re hoping to start your own business, or join a group of practicing alternative therapists, finding initial work should not be too challenging. The discipline of massage can be of benefit to everyone. From the elderly with joint pain, to office workers with back pain, and athletes with muscular aches and tension, the potential market for massage is vast.

How to Build your Client Base

During the course, you’ll learn about business practice for holistic therapies. One of your most important goals will be to build your client base by encouraging returning customers. We’ll help you to consider your unique selling points when planning your new career by helping you discover the answers to questions such as: what can you do to differentiate you practice from others that will make your customers return to you?

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