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An Introduction To Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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An Introduction To Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a light and effective massage treatment that reduces any congestion in the lymphatic drainage system. This treatment encourages the natural removal of waste products and the circulation of lymph fluid, essential to the health of our immune system.

The treatment reduces swelling and unnecessary fluid retention supports the healing of any injuries and detoxifies the body. Chronic health conditions such as sinusitis, arthritis or skin disorders can also be managed, and their symptoms relieved through Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

The overall aim of the treatment is to enhance wellbeing and functional health.

How The Treatment Works

The Lymphatic system is responsible for fighting infection, disease and toxins. It also has other very important functions which are not usually highlighted, such as helping to eliminate metabolic waste, excess water and bacteria.

There are many lymph glands in the body to support the transportation of fluid and the elimination of waste – the main groups being in the neck, armpits and groin. These are connected by a large network of lymph vessels which help to transport lymph fluid.

There is no “lymph pump” like the heart muscle to move this fluid around. So, instead, the lymphatic system relies on movement, through muscle contraction to help it circulate.

During a treating, to aid in the natural circulation of the lymphatic fluid, gentle massage strokes push the fluid under the skin towards the heart. Obstructed or congested lymph vessels are released, improving the flow and function of the lymphatic system. As a result, effective detoxification is achieved and a general improvement in health is seen.

What Conditions Can It Treat?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage helps to relax the nervous system whilst supporting the immune system. Therefore, it is very effective for individuals suffering from auto-immune conditions, low immune systems and any stress-related conditions, such as on-going tiredness, excess fluids, headaches and swollen nodes. It is also a wonderful treatment to improve the health of individuals who may not be able to be so physically active, where naturally their lymph fluid would circulate.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is most commonly used to treat Lymphedema: the swelling of tissue as a result of a blockage in the lymphatic drainage system.

Qualifying In Manual Lymphatic Drainage With Brighton Holistics Online

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a great discipline to train in. It is both a popular treatment which can remove the effects of an overindulgent lifestyle and help to build body confidence or healing to those in need. At Brighton Holistics Online , we will teach you exactly which conditions Manual Lymphatic Drainage can be effective in treating, as well as the massage movements, contraindications and much, much more.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage is the perfect answer to the modern lifestyle. There won’t be many clients who don’t want to lose weight, get rid of cellulite or reduce the toxins in their body (the unfortunate side effect of having too much fun). Therefore, marketing this treatment can be very easy as detox and natural body transformation services are still a lucrative industry and Manual Lymphatic Drainage offers these benefits without any of the usual downsides of detox or weight loss solutions.

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