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4 Tips For Starting A Lucrative Reiki Business – Brighton Holistics Online

4 Tips For Starting A Lucrative Reiki Business - Brighton Holistics Online

4 Tips For Starting A Lucrative Reiki Business

Working as a Reiki Practitioner can be a very fulfilling career – not only will you be helping others, you will also build a lucrative income for yourself. We’ve listed 4 tips to help build a lucrative career in Reiki.

  1. Business Model

The first thing to consider is what kind of business model would you like to adopt? Do you have plans to offer treatments from home or will you be renting a treatment room somewhere? Perhaps both? Maybe you see yourself going mobile and travelling to your clients?

How you plan to run your business will help to calculate your set-up costs and ultimately, what to charge your clients to make a swift return on investment. Remember, everything you invest into your business, your business needs to pay back to move into the “profit” zone in your accounting books.

  1. Treatment Equipment

Here’s a checklist of equipment you might need for your Reiki practice:

  • massage table
  • supportive accessories (face cradle, bolster, etc)
  • swivel chair
  • towels or blankets
  • pillow / support under the head if needed
  • access to drinking water and a bathroom
  • business cards
  • a portable speaker
  • marketing materials
  • consultation forms (a laptop or iPad / tablet if you have digital forms)
  • car and petrol / bus or train travel

Depending on your business model and whether you are buying all of this yourself – your set up costs will vary. Remember, your course tuition fees also count as your set up / investment cost!

  1. Advertising

Another cost you need to factor into your treatment pricing is your cost of advertising.

Word of mouth is the quickest and most lucrative way of getting new business due to low or zero advertising costs. Good reviews travel fast. Perhaps invest in some loyalty cards, or customer referral cards to grow your client base organically. Sometimes, however – word of mouth marketing takes a little time to get going….So, whilst the positive reviews are working their magic, social media marketing is your next free and effective tool.

Instagram and Facebook are the most used social media websites at the moment. If you are unsure of how to market your business using these social networks, watch some tutorial videos on YouTube to gain knowledge in social media marketing. These are free and there are many to choose from.

Printing business cards and building a website all count as advertising costs too, as do the hours you spend on social media spreading the word about your business. Work out how many hours you spend marketing your business per month + any website or printing costs. This will give you a clearer understanding of your true “outgoings”. It will then be clear to see how you need to price your treatment to move your business into the “profit” zone.

  1. Setting Your Fees

Research what other Reiki practitioners and energy workers are charging in your local area. You want to be competitive, but also realistic. Don’t under-price yourself. Your business already owes you money from your course tuition investment. You can make a lucrative living from your Reiki business by being money aware. If you are working in slightly wealthier communities or offering corporate treatments, raise your prices to reflect the market norms.

We hope that these tips have helped you to understand the foundations of creating a lucrative business. For more tips, stay updated with our blog to read more about setting up a business as a Complementary Therapist.

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