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5 tips for staying focused during your studies

5 tips for staying focused during your studies Brighton Holistics Online  Complementary Therapists

5 tips for staying focused during your studies

Whether we are studying complementary therapy or aeronautical engineering, our attention span can only last for so long before distraction hits. Here are a few tips as to how you can stay focused on your studies when time is of the essence.

  1. Create A Calming Environment
    We can influence our productivity by creating a calming study atmosphere. A tidy space, can help your mind feel calmer. Less clutter = less distraction. They say: a tidy desk is a tidy mind” and that couldn’t be truer. By creating a calming environment, it adds a sense of enjoyment to a study experience. Do you like to light a candle? Place a potted plant on your desk – or make a big mug of steaming tea? When we get to personalise our environment, we enjoy being in it, which improves our focus.
  2. Organise Deadlines
    Usually, upon starting a course, we are made aware of essay deadlines and potential exam dates. It’s wise to note these down in your diary so that you can plan your study time appropriately. Depending on your course, you may need extra time to carry out some research or gather case studies. This kind of work can’t be done last minute as it often relies on other people helping you. Get organised about what is required from you for this course and how much time you need to meet these requirements. A wall calendar can be a great tool to see all of your deadlines in one space. This makes it easy to see how much time you have left and what you need to do to stay on track.
  3. Break Often
    We can only focus for so long and it is common knowledge that we work productively by taking regular breaks. Our brain needs “time-out”. We like to adopt The Pomodoro technique – as explained in our previous blog post (Jon, link to the last post here). This method of study allows for short but regular breaks, continually refreshing the mind for optimum focus. An example would be: for every 25 minutes of solid work, you then take a 5-minute break before repeating the cycle again.
  4. Hydrate & Nourish
    Did you know that it only takes 2% of dehydration for your cognitive functions to drastically impair? Staying hydrated is essential for good focus and continued productivity. Keep this in mind around exam periods; as when we focus intensely we often forget to drink! Consider eating foods that fuel “brain power” such as eggs, oily fish, dark green leafy vegetables and purple fruits like blueberries. These foods are packed with brain boosting vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants which aid focus.
  5. Social Media – Resist it!
    It’s normal for a lot of people to have notifications set up on their phones and computers. Every other minute, our devices ping or beep as the digital world notifies us of a new comment or email. Even when we put our devices on silent mode, we still see notification banners on our screens, urging us to click and read more. There are many apps available that will temporarily stop notifications, so that you can remain focused. Our top 3 for iOS and Android are:
  • Offtime
  • Moment
  • BreakFree

We hope that the tips above will help to support your learning experience with us. Remember, we are always available to help if you have any concerns during your course. Please click here to contact Brighton Holistics Online .




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