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The Benefits of Regular Hand Massage

The Benefits of Regular Hand Massage Brighton Holistics Online

The Benefits of Regular Hand Massage – Whether you’re a complementary therapist, a writer, a personal trainer or just someone who loves receiving massage – enjoying regular hand massage can offer amazing health benefits.

Did you know, our hands are the most used part of our entire body? They are intricately structured to provide a huge range of movement. However, with that movement comes tension – especially so in our digital “typing” age, where we spend the majority of our day typing emails on a keyboard or messaging on our phones. These fingers pressing and tapping movements become more and more repetitive and sadly, with that, our hands become at risk of injury and strain.

Hand massage is a quick and relaxing treatment that can be done by a professional – or simply, by a loved one at home. It provides immediate tension relief and is very relaxing for the mind. Being so overworked, the hands benefit greatly from massage. It relaxes the tendons, eases tension and holding patterns, whilst improving flexibility in the fingers and wrists.

Our hands also contain many acupressure or “reflex” points associated with specific organs of the body. By gently pressing these points, we not only receive a relaxing treatment, but our body also gets a mini MOT, signalling to the organs to improve their energy flow and overall health.

Many people now struggle with pain in the hands, wrists and forearms. This can be temporarily relieved with a hand massage. Nearly one in five adults suffer from some form of arthritis or stiffness in the hands. It can be very painful, if not impossible, to carry out mundane tasks at home when our hands are hurting. Regular hand and wrist massage can reduce pain and improve range of movement. As a result, this will go on to improve both grip strength and tactile skills, making it easier and more comfortable to complete daily tasks.

Hand massage can also help to loosen tight muscles in the forearms, reducing tension in the hands and wrists. As everything is connected, sometimes, starting higher up can reduce the tension lower down. The massage techniques used in this treatment help to improve finger and wrist mobility too. After a treatment, many people feel like their hands can move more easily, without cramping or stiffness.

Not only can hand massage improve comfort and range of motion but it also significantly improves circulation. Many people suffer from very cold hands in the winter. Regular hand massage can help prevent fingers and thumbs getting too cold. To avoid this, stimulating the circulation in our hands is important. Massage not only helps improve blood flow but can speed up any healing (from cuts or grazes) by bringing more nutrients to the affected area. A regular treatment during winter months can bring much-needed relief to people who suffer in the cold. Not only that, the mental relaxation of hand massage is a great reason to book a treatment any time of year.

It is wise to note that not many places offer “hand massage” as a single treatment. Nevertheless, you can ask for the hands, wrists and forearms to be made the centre of attention in a full body or bespoke massage treatment. Any good therapist will be happy to help.



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