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How Reflexology Can Help With Stress 

Our modern lifestyles have certainly made living easier, however the side effects of easy living often result in tension, stress and anxiety.

Many people resort to medication to control the symptoms of stress. Reflexology however, can be used as a natural alternative.

This ancient and chemical-free therapy works to unblock the meridians (or channels) in the body where our chi (or energy) has become blocked or sluggish. Accompanied with lifestyle improvements, reflexology has the ability to bring the body and mind back into perfect harmony.

There are thousands of nerves in the feet, ears, hands and face – 15,000 in our feet alone! Stimulating the reflex points that reduce stress & anxiety, instructs the body to repair any damage caused by stress or anxious thoughts. Yes, our thoughts have a huge impact on the state and health of our organs.

By stimulating these reflex points our bodies start a conversation it’s organs, glands and systems. It helps to clear any blockages in the communication channels, improving the working function of the body as a whole.

Here are a few reflex points you can refer to at home, whenever you feel stressed or anxious. Using your thumb or index finger to press firmly on the following points for five to ten seconds. Then, enjoy the benefits.

1) The Pituitary Gland (at the centre of the big toe) stimulates and balances over active hormonal secretions caused by stress

2) The Solar Plexus / Diaphragm (under the ball of the foot) helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and panic

3) The Colon & Intestines (multiple points, located in-between the arch and heel of the foot) helps to reduce digestive discomfort caused by stress such as bloating and feelings of sluggishness

If you’ve had a reflexology treatment in the past, how has it helped you?

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