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Manual lymphatic drainage treatment (MLD)

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment (MLD)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle, flowing, rhythmic massage which encourages the natural drainage of the lymph. Specific movements and pressure stimulate the lymph flow. Often Manual Lymphatic Drainage is used to reduce pain and enhance immune system activity. It also creates a feeling of well-being which makes it a great treatment to apply to a wide range of physical conditions.

What Conditions can it help?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage will help a client’s body to detox and get rid of any waste materials. It does this by increasing circulation. The increased circulation also has the benefit of increasing vitality and toning the body.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a great treatment for clients who would like to lose weight (it speeds up the metabolism), get rid of cellulite, reduce water retention or get rid of aches. The techniques can also be used during pregnancy. Colds, flu, and general ‘under the weather’ feelings can all be helped by Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage has also been used to help treat cancer. The massage can help to reduce the swelling from lymphoedema. It does this by draining fluid from the swelling into another part of the body where the lymphatic system is functioning normally.

Benefits for your Clients

This form of massage is the perfect answer to the modern lifestyle. There won’t be many clients who don’t want to lose weight, get rid of cellulite or reduce the toxins in their body (the unfortunate side effect of having too much fun). When marketing this service these facts can be very effective selling points. Detox and natural body transformation is very fashionable and MLD offers these benefits without any of the usual downsides of detox and weight loss solutions.

Adding Healing to your Treatment

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a great discipline to train in. It is both a popular treatment which can remove the effects of an over indulgent lifestyle or help to build body confidence, and a healing aid for those in need. Our course will teach you exactly which conditions Manual Lymphatic Drainage can be effective for treating, the massage movements, contraindications and much more.

Further information

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