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Crystal therapy – how does it work?

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The ancient practise of Crystal Therapy draws healing energy from the very earth on which we live. Growing in popularity with an upward trend in wellness and holistic health, this humble practise is now a firm favourite for clients seeking to re-balance the body and mind in a non-invasive way.

What is Crystal Therapy?

This therapy uses the placement of stones on and around the body to help the health and wellbeing of certain physical and physiological systems. Each gemstone has its own unique properties and during a consultation a Crystal Therapy Practitioner will ask a number of questions to determine which crystals might be helpful to individual needs. When placed on the body tiny vibrations in the stones encourage the free movement of energy around the body, drawing it away from points of build-up and allowing it to flow freely.

What is involved in a Crystal Therapy Treatment?

Crystal Therapy can be applied by a professional in a spa or treatment room environment. Before the treatment the practitioner should undertake a consultation, asking the client to give information about general health and wellbeing, lifestyle and medical history. The aim of this is to allow the practitioner to tailor the treatment for the best possible results.

Following the consultation, the therapist will make the client comfortable. Unlike many touch based therapies, Crystal Therapy does not require the removal of any clothes, which can be a positive aspect for many people.

Once the client is settled, the therapist will place crystals on or around the body, utilising tiny vibrations in energy from the stones themselves. Sometimes the therapist will set up a network or web of crystals around the body, to channel energy in certain ways. They may also place these directly on the body in prominent places such as the chakra points.

The client is then encouraged to relax and breathe deeply whilst the crystals work through the energy system.

What are the effects of Crystal Therapy?

The art of Crystal Therapy is not a one size fits all model and many people experience different effects following a treatment. People have reported a boost of energy and improved vitality after a treatment. Others have an emotional response, brought on from the surfacing of repressed memories and fears. Reports have also been given of an improvement in levels of stress and anxiety.

How can crystals help me in my everyday life?

Whilst Crystal Therapy treatments are a fantastic method for relaxation, the properties of crystals can also be used at home and whilst on the go. For example, a necklace made of Blue Lace Agate may encourage feelings of positivity for the user. A wearer of Jade may experience an increase in creativity as a result of using this crystal.

How can I find out more?

If you are hoping to find out more about the ancient practise of Crystal Therapy, our online introductory course is a wonderful place to start. This comprehensive distance learning course gives a full introduction to a range of crystals, their properties and ways that they can help to promote health and vitality in everyday life. To find out more, please click here, contact us on 01273 974 950 or get in touch via our contact page and our friendly team will be happy to help.




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