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5 ways to put new clients at ease

5 ways to put new clients at ease

5 Ways To Put New Clients At Ease, in the world of Complementary Therapy, first impressions mean everything. How you present yourself as a therapist will influence whether a new client returns, or if they will forever remain, a one-time client.

We want you to be getting as much repeat business as possible, so have put together a list of how you can put your new client at ease.

A great question to ask yourself is: If you booked in for a treatment, what would you want that experience to look like?

This is a great place to start, as it covers all the basics. You’d probably want a clean environment, some calming music and a friendly therapist.  Here are a few more ways you can meet your client’s expectations.

  1. Create an ambience of calm.

Choose colours, artwork, plants and interior accessories that bring about a sense of calm. Greenery in a space is calming for the nervous system, so both you and your client will benefit from having a few plants in the room. Remember, you are a reflection of your space too, so make sure that you’ve chosen an outfit to compliment the theme of your therapy room.

  1. Present yourself as you would like to be greeted. 

Complementary Therapists reflect the industry. Clients want to feel a sense of wellbeing after their treatment, so appreciate when their therapist looks healthy and happy. Clean hair, clean clothes and a tidy appearance will communicate a sense of wellbeing to your client, subconsciously assuring them that you will provide a quality treatment.

  1. Confirm your appointments. 

Taking the time to get in touch with your client after they’ve made their booking reminds them that you care. Clients like organised therapists as it’s less stress for them, so make their experience as stress-free as possible.

  1. Ask the client about their preferences. 

Ask if your client has any personal requests. Perhaps they would like to use a specific oil during their treatment? Would they like for the music to be a little quieter perhaps? Allowing your client to tailor their experience will make them feel valued. They will respect your care and attention to detail, thus returning for more.

  1. Respect your clients might feel self-conscious.

New clients may feel uneasy during the first treatment because they don’t know you. They may feel more self-conscious than usual and as a therapist, it’s important to respect that. To reduce the unnecessary awkwardness, inform the client about the treatment, whether they need to take their clothes off and how they should position themselves under the towels. This will help them feel prepared and more likely to enjoy the treatment.



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